Metamon is a developer of revolutionary maintenance testing and debugging tools for COBOL and Assembler on mainframes. We specialize in testing tools and development tools for IBM mainframes and plug compatible machines.


Mainframe ComputersMetamon is a developer of revolutionary mainframe testing and debugging tools for COBOL and Assembler. We specialize in testing tools and development tools for IBM mainframes and plug compatible machines. Metamon is used in the world’s largest insurance companies, banks and investment firms as well as in large retailers. The tools work with MVS/XA (MVS/SP V2 or higher), MVS/ESA, OS/390, and z/OS as well as all recent COBOL and Assembler compilers.

Metamon was founded in the late 1990s to package together a set of mainframe programming tools that had been developed over the years by a small team of independent software consultants. Although the tools were completely functional, there was no comprehensive user documentation, no functional mainframe environment we had complete control over, no support organization with 24x7 support, etc. With an injection of capital and human resources, this set of programming tools was transformed into a commercially viable mainframe software workbench. It was the first truly new and revolutionary set of mainframe software tools to come on the market in many years.

Our mainframe debugging tool, Metamon Live, was developed out of necessity to find an elusive bug in a huge ATM application that allowed unauthorized withdrawals of cash from ATM machines through a generic password in the code that worked with all account numbers. After weeks of fruitless efforts to find the bug in the test region it was clear that the malware was being placed into production at the beginning of a programmers’ shift and removed before they left for the day. Metamon’s unique architecture was designed to operate in the production environment with no measurable CPU overhead and “wake up” only when certain conditions are met (conditional breakpoints, watches on variables, etc.) Then Metamon traces the code to pinpoint the fraud. Within a week the fraud had stopped. Although debugging in the production environment is not a standard procedure, it can be done with Metamon when the need arises. As a byproduct, Metamon’s unique architecture is able to “see” everything a COBOL or Assembler programs does but is event driven so that no overhead is used unless specific conditions the programmer sets are met.

This architecture also allows Metamon to easily tell which lines of code get “hit” or “not hit” during a series of test runs in the QA environment. Coupled with the ability to see which lines of code are new to the application results in the best way to do code coverage analysis on the mainframe.

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Assembler programs can be debugged using Metamon's same features and functions that are used to debug COBOL programs.

Maintenance debugging is about keeping applications running. With maintenance debugging you often have limited time to work on a problem and usually the program has been written by someone else. Both good reasons to be using ML. The other type of debugging is development debugging; creating new applications. With development debugging you are working on a familiar program (usually your own) and have more relaxed time constraints.

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