Mainframe debugging tools list for these programs - Tracing Assembler Programs, Trace Thread, Debugging S0C7 Abend, Conditional Breakpoints ...


Listed below are the 9 mainframe software testing & debugging demonstrations we offer for Assembler and COBOL programs.  Please complete the form to the right and you'll be taken to a page where you can review each of these software demonstrations.

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Metamon Live Basics – Fundamentals of mainframe debugging software usage.  This demo shows the basic debugging usage of METAMON Live.

Full Trace With Data Variables – Testing how every statement in a mainframe program works.  A program full trace by default captures statement details and the before and after images of all variables referenced.

Tracing Assembler Programs – Shows how to invoke Metamon and trace through the instruction execution of the program.

Paragraph Trace With CPU Utilization - Demonstrates how to use Metamon to trace through a mainframe program at the paragraph level and capture CPU utilization to see where CPU bottlenecks are.

Debugging S0C7 Abend – How to easily debug a COBOL SOC7 on the mainframe.  This demo shows how simply a S0C7 in a COBOL program can be solved with METAMON.

Trace Thread – Tracing the flow of control in a mainframe program.  A powerful function of METAMON is the ability to record an execution thread based on a logic loop; eg. The processing logic from the READ of a record to the next READ.

Using Breakpoint Lists – Shortcut to setting multiple breakpoints for faster mainframe debugging.  This demo shows how to set multiple breakpoints with fewer key strokes.

Conditional Breakpoints – Records only the information you want when debugging.  Using conditional breakpoints allows METAMON to monitor programs with full size files and only record statement execution when you want it.

Discover Code Coverage Batch – Mainframe testing tool for improving software quality and reducing outages.  DISCOVER provides test coverage for batch and CICS and this demo shows it in action on a batch COBOL program.

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Metamon Live can be run with any batch job to debug a COBOL or Assembler program. This means in-stream JCL, Procedures, DB2 batch jobs, DB2 stored procedures, IMS BMPs, any batch job. All that is required to use ML is that you edit your batch job so that ML runs as the main program. You then add directives (commands to ML) to tell it what debugging to do. The included demo gives a simple illustration for the in-stream JCL edit.

I've used Metamon for the last twelve months. I now prefer to use it over an interactive tool such as Expediter due to its simplicity and speed in set up, accuracy of tracing and the amount of data made available as a result of the tracing.

John M Fraser
Senior Analyst Programmer



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