Metamon specializes in mainframe debugging and software testing tools for current and past COBOL and Assembler compilers that run under MVS / XA (MVS / SP V2 or higher), MVS / ESA, OS / 390, and z / OS.

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Metamon is a world leader in mainframe development tools.Metamon is an industry leader in the development of innovative mainframe software testing and debugging tools that operate in the COBOL and Assembler programming environments. We specialize in debugging tools and software testing tools exclusively for mainframe applications. Our monitoring software programs are practical, easy to use, affordable and well supported and has been used in the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, financial services firms and retailers. We support all current and past COBOL and Assembler compilers that run under MVS / XA (MVS / SP V2 or higher), MVS / ESA, OS / 390, and z / OS.

Large banks have used out Metamon Live debugging tool.The first of our software programs – a suite of mainframe debugging tools (Metamon Live) was developed out of necessity to find an elusive bug in a large banking ATM application that allowed unauthorized withdrawals of cash from ATM machines through a back door in the code. When all existing COBOL development tools failed to find the problem in the test region, it was suspected that the program code was being placed into production at the beginning of a programmers shift and backed out before they left for the day. Thus Metamon’s unique architecture was born to allow our mainframe monitoring tool to operate in the production environment with no measurable CPU overhead and “wake up” only when certain conditions were met (conditional breakpoints, watches on variables, etc.) Then a trace would run to track everything the code did to allow the fraud. Within a week the fraud had stopped. Although we don’t recommend debugging in the production environment as a standard procedure, it can be done when the need arises. More importantly, Metamon’s unique architecture is able to “see” everything COBOL or Assembler programs do but is event driven so that no overhead is used unless specific conditions the programmer sets are met.

Our second software program, a mainframe software testing tool (Metamon Discover), provides proof positive that source code changes were executed (or not) in a given series of test runs, without any modification to the source code or having to use a special compiler. Metamon also shows which lines of program code was changed from version to version of the source code. This allows proper test coverage of the changed code and greatly improves software quality and thereby reduces system outages. Metamon rolls up software test code coverage metrics from an unlimited number of programs to the application and system level to meet the needs of the largest IT organizations.

Metamon Live is unlike “interactive” mainframe debugging tools that require users to single step through thousands of instructions to find problems. Metamon provides monitoring of a program or entire systems in a single operation, including multiple passes through the same code and tracing through branched logic and report when predefined events occur, such as the corruption of a variable or when a certain value appears in a field. Then a report is presented to the programmer showing the results of the test. This “automatic” debugging mode is a huge time saver for programmers and allows Metamon to find mainframe programming problems that other debugging tools can’t - and do it in a fraction of the time. Our clients report a 70% reduction in mainframe development time spent debugging software applications.



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The COBOL specification was created by a committee of researchers from private industry, universities, and government during the second half of 1959. The program specifications were to a great extent inspired by the FLOW-MATIC language invented by Grace Hopper, commonly referred to as "the mother of the COBOL language."

COBOL is an acronym for COmmon Business-Oriented Language.

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The COBOL User Groups (COBUG) provide mainframe development information to users of COBOL who create, maintain, deploy, manage, test, program, support, configure, and design monitoring application solutions.

SHARE serves more than 20,000 individuals representing over 2,000 of IBM's top enterprise computing customers.

Association for Software Testing (AST) - is focused on supporting the development of professionalism in software testing, among practitioners and academics, at all levels of experience and education.

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