Metamon is a developer of revolutionary mainframe testing and debugging tools for COBOL and Assembler. Here are several case studies of our software being used for teesting and debugging on IBM mainframes by large companies.


Case Study 1World’s Largest Payroll Company: Metamon was selected as their mainframe software test tool even though two of the competing vendors were incumbent. Currently, hundreds of programs and test data sets are run through Metamon each quarter and rolled up to the system level before the application can be put into production. All code changes must be tested. Quote from the Senior Vice President, Enterprise Systems IT: “If I can be sure that 100% of code changes are tested prior to putting the application back into production – that’s worth its weight in gold to me.”

Case Study 2Wall Street Clearing House: In this case all three of the major mainframe software vendors were in place. The company had selected a fourth vendor for test software that used the instrumentation approach to code coverage. This product introduced extra work into the development cycle and was resisted by the developers but was ultimately implemented. Metamon was subsequently evaluated over an extensive trial period and selected as the vendor of choice. Currently all changes to batch programs must be run through Metamon and achieve satisfactory test code coverage results before moving to production. They are currently implementing the same standards for CICS programs.

Case Study 3World’s Largest Mutual Fund Company: A six-month competitive evaluation of Metamon against the three major mainframe testing software vendor’s tools was undertaken. Metamon was selected because of its ease of use and ability to work seamlessly in the customer environment. This company had experienced a significant application outage a few years back and implemented a rigorous software testing program as a result. The selection of Metamon is the end result of a lengthy search for a product that fits into their workflow.



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With Metamon Live (ML) you can trace an execution logic thread, starting from a given location and continuing until that location is reached again.

With ML you can perform full program traces and partial program traces.